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Welcome to Baw Astrology! Below are various Divination widgets you can use on site to help you create your personalized:Comprehensive Detailed Birth Chart. Your Ascendant and its Signification, Daily Horoscope, Your Love Compatibility with anyone whose birth date you know. your Astrological Atlas, Current Planetary Alignments, Current Moon Phase, Daily Numerology Reading, etc. All of the widgets work, try them, you won't have to leave the site to get your astrological information. :) This info will help you with the astrological aspects of your Magickal Workings. That said, Enjoy! I'm still looking for more widgets to add here so check back soon.
Transits & Ephemeris
Mon 1 August, 09:14 PM UT
Sun 1002' Leo
Moon 2745' Cancer
Mercury 313' Virgo
Venus 2523' Leo
Mars 2941' Scorpio
Jupiter 2214' Virgo
Saturn 953' Я Sagittarius
Uranus 2430' Я Aries
Neptune 1127' Я Pisces
Pluto 1537' Я Capricorn
Chiron 2443' Я Pisces
True Node 1301' Я Virgo
True Lilith 2253' Scorpio
Chart for now, New York
Moon Phase
Waning Moon, 1.47%
New Moon
Born Again Wiccan - Baw Astrology 28
Born Again Wiccan - Baw Astrology Nl Tue 2 Aug 08:46 PM UT
Comprehensive Detailed Birth Chart
Rate of Compatibility
Astrological Atlas
Magic 8 Ball