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Elimination of Disturbances for the Inexperienced Beginner

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Elimination of Disturbances for the Inexperienced Beginner Empty Elimination of Disturbances for the Inexperienced Beginner

Post by Archangel on Sun Feb 15, 2009 9:13 am

Elimination of Disturbances for the Inexperienced Beginner: Part 1 Of 2
Some simple methods to assist in the elimination of unwanted spiritual guests and psychic disturbances for those with little or no knowledge and experience in this area.

This is a rather old document that I haven't had time to update. For some highly practical info, I recommend picking up a copy of Robert Bruce's book on Psychic Self-Defence available through my Books page.

Note: Since this document was first written, I've discovered that certain flower essences may be taken that work extremely well on an energetic level for fighting off psychic attacks and healing up any holes in the aura that might be causing or contributing to the disturbance. Grey Spider (Australian Bush Essence) is very good for calming one's self down, and Fringed Violet (Australian Bush Essence) is surprisingly effective and fast acting when it comes to driving out negative influences and repairing auric damage. Definitely pick up some Fringed Violet! And if anyone tries to tell you this stuff doesn't work, you can laugh very hard at them for me. I've road-tested it, and clairvoyantly observed very fast and intense changes in myself and others. 7 drops morning and night (don't forget to shake/tap the bottle first) for 2 weeks should be sufficient to notice a change in anyone having a problem with negative disturbances affecting their minds/bodies directly.

There are two primary types of spiritual and/or psychic disturbances: Internal and External.

Internal: Disturbances in which the source of the problem is within the individual him/herself. Manifestations can be mental (psychosis, flights of ideas, sounds and voices, visual and other perceptual distortions and hallucinations, etc.) and/or more rarely physical (objects moving, things breaking, cuts and bruises appearing).

External: Disturbances in which the source of the problem is not found within the individual experiencing them, but rather are created by an external catalyst; a spirit/entity. Manifestations can be in many forms including obvious physical sounds, movement of objects, cuts and bruises, voices in one's mind that never seem to go away, psychosis, bad dreams, manipulation of thoughts, etc. External disturbances can create both internal and external effects in or around the person experiencing them and are as widely varied as the types of entities or 'spirits' involved.

Diagnosing and Eliminating Internal Disturbances
These can be either some of the easiest or the most difficult to deal with depending on the circumstances. Internal problems can be difficult to diagnose, especially if they have the appearance of an external source. In the case of mental illness, voices and sounds could be hallucinations created by the person experiencing them. With most people, the most common problem is that the individual is tormenting him/herself with voices, paranoid thoughts, or visual distortions. Only rarely are there physical manifestations. Generally, no one else in the vicinity of the person experiencing the difficulty will be able to perceive these hallucinations (unless they have psychic skills), and if they do, they will see that they originate from within that person.

The best defense against this sort of thing is your own mental discipline. It's very easy to freak yourself out and then blow everything out of proportion. If you believe that something is 'out there' and wants to get you, then you'll be more likely to see some movement or hear some noise when there may be none. Assuming the problem is not severe (i.e. physically or mentally painful), try telling yourself that it's all in your head and that you're probably just freaking yourself out. Don't believe in the problem and you'll stop creating one for yourself. You have the choice to decide what you will experience in your own mind (in most cases). If a thought is unfavorable, then don't go along with it, and NEVER PANIC!!!

Info on External Disturbances
If you've tried to ignore a minor problem and it just keeps getting worse, or continues to be present, then you may have an actual visitor to deal with. An experienced mage or psychic can usually tell if there is another consciousness at work. If you are CERTAIN that the problem is NOT in your head, then ignoring the issue and pretending it doesn't exist can potentially be the worse thing you can do.

If the visitors are the weak variety that thrive on your negative emotions and energy, then they may continue to increase in number unless something is done about them. Before you know it you could have a whole house full of crud to clear out! Not taking action against them allows them to continue to play on your thoughts and emotions and assists to perpetuate the problem; in other words, they'll help you to continue to cause yourself to feel and think negatively so they can feed off it. Some will even provide subconscious suggestions in such a way that you think they are your own thoughts and go along with them as though they were!

If the problem is a much stronger sort who has some personal disagreement with you and doesn't require you for sustenance, then you have a more difficult situation on your hands. Pretending that this sort of spirit doesn't exist will only piss him off or amuse him in most cases. Because it does not need your energy or belief in its existence in order to exist, it will probably beat the shit out of you in some manner if you turn your back and ignorantly pretend it isn't there. Remember that your consciousness is YOU and if it is attacked, there will be some physical effect. The least that can happen might be a bad headache, fear, obsessive thoughts, or nightmares etc. More extreme cases can lead to you having your body fly across the room (don't worry, the wall will stop you), cuts and bruises, a voice that won't leave your head no matter how much you try to convince yourself that it isn't real (this one sucks- get experienced help quickly), psychic torture that feels very real, perceptual distortions and terrifying visual hallucinations, loss of consciousness, possession, coma and brain damage, and even death. The sorts of manifestations that occur will depend on what kind of being you're dealing with and how powerful and skillful it is. When possible, most will try to use your own fears and weaknesses against you, or make use of suggestions that cause you to believe that they are something they are not.

Spirits are usually attracted to an Area or an Individual for a reason. Some feed off the positive or negative energy produced by that location or person(s). Some have personal business with that location or person(s). Others are merely curious, bored, or just annoying and disruptive assholes. Some may not be spirits at all, and the manifestation could be the result of negative events that occurred in that location or larger currents of negative energy flow.

The types of spirits that exist are probably infinite in variety. Most have a Will of their own sometimes as strong as if not stronger than a human. Never underestimate or assume that what you are dealing with is somehow less than you in strength or skill. At the same time, don't make it any easier for them to play on your fears and weaknesses by believing they are something they may not in fact be. Don't forget that YOU TOO are a spirit; if you are reading this on your computer then you are an incarnate conscious entity of present human classification.

Negative disruptive entities can range in form from demonic stuff (small to large and anywhere in between), corrupt elementals, discarnate humans, shells of the dead (energy left behind after death that somehow retains form and develops some consciousness), psychic vampires (broad category of scum including some corrupt incarnate humans), and a whole list of others.

Brief Diagnosis:

If you always feel depressed, angry, tired, or fearful in a particular location, then there may be some external disturbance associated with that place. Or, if you experience a very strong feeling that there is someone else around and you feel fearful or negative in any way, or you have been experiencing nightmares and other problems lately, (e.g. always extremely exhausted, sleep not restful, having nightmares that are hard to wake up from and it feels like someone holding you down etc.) and this is not normal for you, then there may be an external influence. Dreams are usually the first place problems show up when an individual is under psychic attack. Generally, if there is something really terrible going on, you and often several others will know and feel it. Look for obvious normal causes first, but when they don't pan out then start looking for the more unconventional ones. Try not to be too paranoid all the time. Not everything that goes bump in the night is a malevolent spirit!!!

see part 2 below...

Happy Namaste <3
-Archangel Tanahmera Copyright Born Again Wiccan 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Elimination of Disturbances for the Inexperienced Beginner Bawvot11




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Elimination of Disturbances for the Inexperienced Beginner Empty Re: Elimination of Disturbances for the Inexperienced Beginner

Post by Archangel on Sun Feb 15, 2009 9:14 am

Elimination of Disturbances for the Inexperienced Beginner: Part 2 Of 2
Eliminating the offending spirit:
1. If the unpleasant manifestations are not severe, then try the internal methods of telling yourself it's all in your head and then believing there is nothing wrong. It takes practice to be able to tell the difference between internal and external problems, so if you really aren't sure and the situation isn't too bad try this first.

2. If the situation is obviously strange and not just in your head (i.e. other people see/feel/hear it too), then first calm yourself down. Never panic. Ever.

3. To begin the elimination process, you're going to want to purify yourself and the area. Start with yourself. Go someplace else other than the place the problems usually occur (if the location is the problem) and sit in a quiet, comfortable chair or lie down where you will not be disturbed. You may burn a purifying incense if you wish (frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, cedar, sage, etc. No musk or jasmine and nothing cheap!). Breathe slowly and deeply, clearing and calming your mind for several minutes and just try to be relaxed. When you feel sufficiently relaxed, close your eyes and imagine (visualize this strongly) Divine white light flowing over and through your body. Try to feel it filling you and removing all impurities from your body and mind. As you inhale, imagine that you are inhaling the pure white light and becoming One with it; you should feel it beginning at your head and flowing clear down to your feet. As you exhale, feel the negative thoughts and energy leaving you and being carried away by the white light (from your feet back out of your head). If there are any negative psychic links on you (i.e. energy links to harmful entities), imagine them burning away at this point. Continue this whole breathing and visualization process for several minutes until you feel cleansed and renewed. Don't rush the process. You may repeat as often as you like.

(What is most important for effectiveness here is that you achieve a real connection to a higher force of Divinity e.g. via your Higher Self or Spiritual Core. Cultivate such a connection as much as possible if you wish to command greater authority over things of less divine origin.)

4. Now is the time to purify the location of the disturbance. Generally, what is necessary is to cleanse the environment, or rather the energy of the environment, and then perform some sort of banishing (an exorcism that works through the force of the Will- yours and/or whomever you ask for assistance). For preliminary cleansing, burn a suitable incense in the affected room(s) or house; it is preferable to work on the entire house rather than just one room.

Frankincense and Myrrh have been used by many traditions over the centuries, and they work very well to purify an area; I usually choose these first because I like the higher vibratory rate they create (frankincense feels fiery/solar to me, and myrrh a bit watery). Cedar and Pine are also a good combination, and may have even been used by the Sumerians. Sandalwood by itself is fine as well (more airy). If you're going to use sage, I recommend real dried Sage (not a cone or a stick) if you can get it. I've seen smudging wands, tied groupings of sage and other dried herbs that you burn and wave around to purify an area, available for around $7-$8. Whatever you decide, choose a combination that suits you and don't skimp on quality. Buy the best you can afford for the purest scent and most effectiveness. Allow the incense to burn for several minutes in each room; don't forget to purify the attics and basements too. Remove all people and pets prior to doing this. While the incense is burning, you and those assisting you should sit outside of the house.

5. After the incense has burned and filled the room(s), an exorcism will have to be performed, and a protective psychic barrier against negativity will need to be created. An exorcism is just an exertion of your force of Will on an area that forces unwanted spirits and thoughtforms out. Some people feel the need to say a speech (like a priest would), but this isn't effective unless you actually exert your force of Will and give the words some real power at the energy level. If you're not a practicing magickian and you don't know such things as the lesser rituals of the pentagram and hexagram, or shamanic and other methods are unknown to you, then the best thing you could do is to call upon higher divine forces to help you cast out the problem. My recommendation for the non-religious and/or non-magickal is this:

While the incense is burning and you are sitting outside of the house (or even off the property), repeat the self-purifying visualization procedure that you did in step #3. When you feel that the white light is flowing through you again and that nothing can touch you, then go into the house (or onto the property). Walk to each room and say in a forceful tone, "May the Source of All cast you out of this house!" You can also add something like "you may not touch my body; you may not touch this house or anyone in it", etc. Chant these things over and over and be firm in your resolution to rid this house of any negative problems. As you do this, strongly imagine that you are a channel for protective and purifying white light to flow through and radiate from in every direction. Believe this and FEEL this occurring. Don't think about anything else while you do this and don't allow feelings of doubt to occur either. Put yourself into the mind-set that failure is impossible beforehand, and then go in there and kick some ass. The more people you have to help you the better, since the force of many is greater than the force of one. Make sure that everyone involved is strong-willed and serious about doing this, or they will just be a hinderance to the operation.

6. Now create protective barriers. These can be in the form of amulets and/or talismans that you place in the room(s) while you perform the exorcism. Here are some ideas you may try:

Herbs- Place protective herbs in each corner of every room affected; every room in the whole house if necessary. You may dedicate them by saying a few words if you wish (e.g. "I place these herbs to protect..."- make the rest up as you go). They're placed to assist by virtue of their own vibratory rates and special qualities. Make sure you acquire them legally and kindly; don't steal them, or pick them irreverently without asking them first or explaining to those plant spirits why you must pick them. Don't worry about feeling silly in doing so. Everything has a consciousness to some degree, even plants. If you're using herbs to assist in your protection then you'll be glad you were respectful of them later. Herbs may be sewn up in sachets for ease of placement, and special ones can even be made and carried for protective purposes.

Some protective herbs: Bay laurel, Ash (leaves and branches), Basil, Clove, Dragon's Blood (a powdered resin), Frankincense, Mugwort, Mullein, Myrrh, Oak, Rue, Sandalwood.

Symbols and Talismans- There are several symbols and talismans that can be drawn, painted, and placed for protective purposes. To keep things simple, try upright pentagrams (3 points up, 2 down) and hexagrams (like the Star of David). When used for this purpose, pentagrams are good against internal problems (microcosmic), and hexagrams are good against external ones (macrocosmic). Crosses can work well too since with energy they tend to establish and represent balanced force. If you're not Christian, then equilateral crosses can be used. Certain Norse runes are also very good, bind runes often being more powerful. I'll try to put a few image examples up here when I get time. When you make these symbols, color can sometimes be important. If you aren't sure then black lettering on white works well enough. You may place these symbols you make in different parts of the room(s), all 4 corners if you wish, after you chant the exorcism for that room. As you put the protective symbols in place, imagine that you are charging them with that pure white energy and making them effective and powerful. Just 'inhale' the white light and 'breathe' it out into the symbol. You have to visualize this strongly as you do it. Believe you can do it! The more you practice this sort of thing, the better you will get at it.

Force Fields- While you're spraying the place down with that white light energy, you can even visualize force fields that are being made with it. Just paint the walls, floors, and ceilings with pure white energy. Pretend your hands are spray-guns for it. As you inhale, the white energy enters you. As you exhale, the white light sprays from your hands. Imagine that nothing negative can penetrate these force fields after you've made them. The more times you reinforce these force fields (every so many weeks/months), the stronger they will become and the longer they will last.

This is NOT your own personal energy or life-force that is being used for this purpose, by the way. When you do this you should be tapping into the universal pool, or life source that all things (including us) are sustained by. If you imagine that you are using your own life force (chi) only, then you could potentially harm yourself. Lack of energy can result in sickness and other negative intrusions.

7. Sit back and feel confident that you have rid the area of negativity. You may perform this exorcism process several days in a row if you wish. The more times you do such things, the more powerful and effective they can sometimes be. To make sure energy fields that you've created stay strong, it may be necessary to recharge them occasionally.

As long as you've tried your best and put a lot of effort into it, this procedure should take care of any common problems, and maybe a few uncommon ones. There are rare instances where I could see that it might not work, but if this is the case then a novice should not be attempting to deal with such a situation. If an experienced mage is unavailable, then you can attempt to catch the attention of one of the various forms of astral 'police' that exist. There are some entities whose function is to maintain peace and order, much like police officers. If you put out a mental distress signal (scream desperately in your head- that should do it) you're sure to attract the attention of someone/something that can help. If you worship a particular god or goddess, call on them. Someone is bound to get the message and relay it to an effective channel somewhere. As far as contacting beings is concerned, your intent has a lot to do with how effective you are. If you strongly intend to contact someone and you imagine that you are paging them mentally, then you have a chance of being successful. Chanting their name or the thought repetitiously can help.

Additional note on External Disturbances:
If you find yourself frequently attacked by harmful spirits, no matter how many times you try to get rid of them, then there may also be internal problems that need to be addressed. Remember that most entities that wish to do you harm are most often attracted by something; usually something negative surrounding you and/or your personal environment. Maybe you happen to be someone who lacks self-confidence, or is depressed a lot, or perhaps you've just lost someone close to you. Whatever it is, if you're having a frequent problem with spiritual disturbances, then chances are you may unknowingly be setting up a hospitable environment for these creatures to take advantage of you by just feeling constantly negative to begin with. To assist to change your internal environment, you may need to reprogram your common thought patterns and internal dialogue. Try meditating and repeating positive present-tense phrases about yourself that you want to be true ("I am confident" etc.). It doesn't matter if you don't believe what you're telling yourself right away. The point is to gradually reprogram the subconscious messages you send yourself everyday. Much can be changed within the self with this method. Be sure to use only positive present-tense phrases. Future-tense phrases could cause the subconscious to put off the change indefinitely, always keeping it in the future.

Happy Namaste <3
-Archangel Tanahmera Copyright Born Again Wiccan 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Elimination of Disturbances for the Inexperienced Beginner Bawvot11




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