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Post by Archangel on Wed Jun 29, 2011 12:04 pm

For those who are not familiar with the Hyatt books, this is taken from the 5 volume collection "Hoodoo - Conjuration - Witchcraft - Rootwork" by Harry Middelton Hyatt.
As some see graveyard dirt,graveyard dust & goofer dust as synonymous,I have included all these under this one heading but you will see the differentiation as you read.

Though a predominant ingredient in many hoodoo recipes, I have read that is is actually a uniquely Kongo practice that somehow spilled over to other systems of magick . It is customary to place a coin on the grave that you take the dirt from out of respect for the deceased. Usually one picks a grave that will reflect what your intentions are. As for how one acquires the dirt, it is beleived that one must get a bit of it from the head,center and foot of the grave. Below are variations and thier correspondance in regards to the time of day (or night) the dirt is to be obtained as well as during what phase of the moon,direction etc...


Go to the graveyard at nine o'clock at night, and get some dirt out of a grave on the north side of the cemetery. And carry it to a woman's house that has a husband, and you want that husband. You get some of your friends to take that dirt there. And if she can become friendly with the woman in that house and get a chance to sprinkle it around their bed and in the house, so she will have to walk over it, this woman, this mans wife will dwindle away and die. Then you have the opportunity to get with this man. [Memphis, Tenn.]

People say that if you have been having tough luck and haven't had much success, go to the graveyard at midnight and get some graveyard dirt and put it in little sacks or bags (tiny ones) and wear them around you waist. And from time to time you will be more successful that if you didn't do this. [St. Petersburg, Fla.]

At twelve o'clock at night you get graveyard dirt. That's mostly for harming, that for nothing good. You go there at midnight but when the moon is not shining. You go there on a dark night. And you take the graveyard dirt. If you just want a person to have bad luck, you just throw the dirt at the person - strictly without anything else. They will never be successful in any undertaking that they do. [New Orleans,La.]

If she wants to run around on you..you go to the graveyard on a new moon and get some dirt off an innocents grave, take sulfur and table salt. And when she leaves the house you go into her room and throw it in the room, and as she goes out the door you throw it in the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost, and go on. Just like she comes in at night, you know, like she is going out at night and she doesn't want them to be out looking for her. Well she gets it fresh. She goes there on a new moon. (She does this so they won't bother her while she goes out at night?} Go anywhere she wants. [Fayetteville, N. Car.]

ONE O'CLOCK IN MORNING I heard that if you go to the graveyard, go there at one o'clock in the morning and get graveyard dirt. Get the graveyard dirt and bring it back and then sprinkle it on peoples porch, anyones porch to make them move.. [Memphis, Tenn.]

Go to the graveyard around four in the morning and buy a pennies worth of graveyard dirt. And come back and sprinkle it around the house, all around and sweep off they do step behind them. That will move them. Sweeping graveyard dirt is both an uncommon and dangerous rite. The woman here that wants to rid herself of an unwelcome roomer or friend, sprinkles graveyard dirt about the house outside, leaving herself a dirties entry. Coming indoors she closes the dirt less entry, the doorstep, with graveyard dirt. She is a prisoner in her own home. But, as soon as he walks over the dirt, entering or leaving, she sweeps it away. The spirit in graveyard dirt, not liking to be swept by the dirty broom, flees back to the graveyard; the man, having crossed the dirt, must go away forever; and the woman, now immune from the graveyard-dirt spirit, is free - for another roomer or friend. [How much dirt do you get from the graveyard?] Penny's worth. [How much would that be?] That would be two ounces. [Wilson, N. Car.]

They can do most anything with it, such as hurting a person. You can take graveyard dirt and you can cause a person to, if you don't want them to stay there, you can cause them to move to another place. But you must go to the graveyard soon, before morning, before the rising of the sun, get the dirt and cast it in the direction the person lives. If you cast it in the direction the person lives and read a portion from the Bible, they will move immediately. (Did you say portion or any peticular portion?) Just any portion of the Bible, doesn't matter, just any portion to drive most anyone away with graveyard dirt. [Vicksburg,Miss.]

There are alot of people who say if you go to the graveyard, say, just before morning and dig down right about the heart of a person, right about the breast of a person, dig down way deep into the grave and get the graveyart dirt, no doubt, and put it in your shoes or wrap it in a rag, and place in your pocket, this is good for luck in gambling. [St.Petersburg, Fla.]

You use the dead man, and the way they mix it, you mix the dirt taken from a fresh grave on a full moon. Mix the Sulphur and red pepper and bury it under the foot of a step, and it brings in customers/persons. [Sumter, N. Car]


Take the graveyard dirt and mix with a little mullein, patchouli and a touch of brimstone (sulphur)to make graveyard dust. This powder will burn. Shape into a human figure and ignite..as it burns it is suppose to hex whoever the figure represented with the result that the individual allegedly became ill. Another common usage is to sprinkle it on the doorstep of the one to be conjured, or to place some in a bag that is hidden on the intended victim's property,hidden in the dwelling etc.......

Now, there is no special time to enter the graveyard to get this. You can pretend to be walking around the cemetery and pretend to be looking over a loved one that's gone to rest. Now, in passing you get you a handful of dirt and go on. And you and your wife or your lady friend, something like that, if your quarreling or she's done you wrong. You don't want to kill her, that's going to put you in trouble. You just want to get rid of her. You take that dust and when she's gone to bed at night and there's her shoes, a pair of shoes she wears more than others. You just sprinkle that dust around those shoes. Quite naturally by sprinkling that dust in there, she's going to perspire in her feet. Just like you would perspire under your arm or on your head, and your pores open up. If it wasn't that, we would never catch a cold, you know. Do this and it will dissolve just like aspirin. Well when that dissolves, her pores will be open and her feet right next to that, might as well say that. That will get right into her pores and will close up in there. And she will just wither away like anything else-just leave (this world). [Algiers, La.]

They get the dirt out of a graveyard and they stop it up in a bottle and they will come to your house. If they don't like you they will come to your house with the graveyard dirt. Mix it with a little salt and sprinkle it under the steps. Then they stop the other one tight and bury it. But your not suppose to be home when they do that, and anytime you go back to that house where your spirit has gone. That drives your spirit away. You'd go to the house but you can't stay. [Jacksonville, Fla.]

Get a little graveyard dirt and put on a person, and when you put it on them - get a little graveyard dirt and carry it, tie it up realtight and put it up under the pillow and let them sleep on it at night. And if he's got a wife and his wife wanted to go out, she would put itup under there and let him to go sleep. If he's got whiskey in him oranything - anything at all like whiskey on him she can go on off andstay just long as she wants. And when she comes back she'll pull it outand he wakes up. (That's to keep him asleep while she is gone.)[Florence, S.Car. ]

. Take graveyard dust...sprinkle it...over your hair...that will make you sleep.[Vicksburg, Mis., ]


Just as the times & phases when dirt is taken plays a significant role in itís usage, so does the various types of graves it is taken from. The dirt is thought to work special magick in accordance with the type of person who inhabits the grave as you will see in the following examples:(In alphabetical order)

If you want two women to get along, wanted them to live in the same house together. Well, you go to the graveyard where a baby is buried, run your hand down there and get some dirt from the head. Come home and sprinkle it around the house nine morning in a row and that will make peace in the house. (What do you mean have two women in the house and have them get along?) If you have two of them and you just want them to get along. If they stay in separate houses it will be all right but you have to sprinkle it in both houses. (I see) You could put them in the house together is you use the dirt. (You mean the two women?) Yes. [Vickburg, Miss.]

Get dirt off of a baby's grave and sprinkle it in your room. That will keep peace there [Memphis, Tenn.]

To keep the law away, you take this same graveyard dirt but instead of throwing it in your house (when you throw it into your house, that's for luck, that's to make your business big). To keep the law away you go around your house in the morning between eight and nine o' clock and you draw a cross and you make your wishes. [where do you draw the cross?] At each door before they come in. Well they might come out there but they never come over there. [You put this dirt down in a cross?] The dirt, sulphur, graveyard dirt and table salt. [graveyard dirt from a infants grave] Yes. [Fayetteville, N. Car.]

Now, I've heard this to be a positive fact. Now they say if you go to a woman you like and you cross the water and you go to the graveyard, and get some dirt off an infants grave-child-they say it will effect her to come back. But if you get it off a murderers grave she will go further. (I don't quite understand what you said. If its a woman you like, you cross water and get this dirt?). He doesn't have to cross the water, she's across the water. You get the dirt and send it in a letter. [This violates an ancient rule, a spirit cannot cross water! Is mailed in a letter an exception?] Yes. (You got to get it from an infants grave to bring her back, but if you get the dirt from a murderers grave, then what?) That drivers her further. [Elizabeth City,N. Car.]

Well if you want a job of any kind, you get a dirt dauber and go to a baby's grave in the cemetery and reach your hand down in the same direction. And if you want a job anywhere, you mix the same dirt, the dirt dauber nest with the other dirt. And sprinkle in in front of the place and around the office where the boss has got to go in, and just say, "Little baby, in the name of the father, son and the holy ghost, give me my job back". And they give it to you. [Brunswick, Ga.]

I heard that you can take a dirt dauber nest and some graveyard dirt from a little baby. If you know it and mix it together and put it somewhere, about the bed or in the corner of some hidden place, and the baby terrify you and cry so - the spirit will - that will leave out of the room. (That is to make you move) [Sumter, S. Car.]

Get some graveyard dirt, dig to you elbow on the left side not on the right. On the left side dig to your elbow and after you get to the elbow, then you get what you want out of there. Get a brand new box of pepper, red ground pepper. And get a brand new box of salt and mix them together. If you want a person to move you could throw it on their house, or up on the house, or carry it in the house, just one time. And then you can take and get you 9 rocks off a baby's grave. Get 9 rocks and this is true because I tried it myself-and take the 9 rocks, and if you want them to move throw them over their window, up over the porch, just anywhere, just so it hits the house over the window. Whoever you want to move from there [will move]. Go like tonight and then the next night , until you use up the 9 rocks and call them by their name and they will move. (You throw 1 rock each night?}. Each night. [Fayetteville, N. Car.]

Take some broom straws and dirt from a baby's grave that never cried, and some parched eggshell and put them on a persons doorstep. And they say it will make them lame in the legs. (You take the broom straw?) You take the broom straws nine of them from a large broom, and eggshell (parched), and some graveyard dirt, and mix it up. And they say that it make them lame. (What about this baby that never cried?) You get the dirt off a baby's grave that never cried, you know that may have been born dead. [Fayetteville, N. Car.]

You go to the Catholic Graveyard and reach down in there, dig down in there and get some grave off the breast. (A woman's?) It doesn't make any difference but it has to be a Catholics grave where you get the dirt. Take that dirt and you get some gourd seeds (green seeds) and you get some red pepper and take nine grains out of the red pepper. Then you get a good bit of the mixture and go to the fork in the road and sprinkle a little bit there. Do this for 3 nights and on the third night call out the party's name and they will return. [Mobile, Ala.]

They say if you have an enemy around and you want to drive them away from you, go to the graveyard, to the grave of a child. You run your hand down there to the elbow and grab a handful of dirt. You go to the persons house, you can go all around [circumambulate] his house, and scatter dirt [also] on his step. You will cause a fuss in their house and they will be gone. [Wilmington N. Car.]

Well, I know this to be true. Go to the grave of a 12 year old child, and take a cane (this is probably a cane reed or southern cane) and bore this cane through and through. From the head of the corpse, drive that [hollow] cane down to the bottom of the grave [this is a slight exaggeration; a foot would be a good trick]. And then take the dirt that you loosen from the cane and throw it around the house. After you do that you get a hen egg and break that egg at the bottom of your steps, and bury the shells. And then you get an axe so that you can't stay there, you won't stay there. Your mind will always be wanting to go. [Vicksburg, Miss.]

You can cause a whole lot of confusion in the house by taking graveyard dirt , red pepper, and if he died for instance a man gambling, a man that was swearing all about you, the worse a fella acted when he was living the worse it will make people act, the people you use it on. If you take the dirt from a Christian grave it won't do anything because that's a good spirit. Its the evil spirit the man that died that had been a gambler and a drunkard. The way he acted when he was living the same the dirt will have an effect. Take the graveyard dirt, red pepper,black pepper and sprinkle it in the house anywhere, the dirt is dry you see and it will cause confusion between a man and his wife. [New Orleans, La.]

Graveyard dirt, that causes a fuss. A man that would die and he's a gambler, underworld man, all his life. Go to the graveyard at midnight,get a pocket knife and get some dirt, put it in your pocket with John the Conquer, and you luck will change the same day and night. Now is you want any fuss out of the graveyard dirt, you get the graveyard dirt after its dry, it can't be wet, add some red pepper (as hot as you can get), mix it with the powdered dirt. Go into a persons home and during the time you are there, sprinkle the dirt around, it will cause practically a killing scrape in the home for weeks on end.

You go to the grave and you get dirt from a good persons grave, if you want peace in your home. And then you sprinkle it around and in the house, well then you go to work and then you find peace there when you return.

They go to the cemetery, now listen according to the Bible, some people believe they have a God and some don't. Well the man and woman that don't believe they have a God is an Infidel. Or a man that gambles practically all his life, and dies, they figure he is gone to hell. He doesn't dwell where the good dwells. Go to the graveyard at midnight and take some mud from the infidels grave with a knife, bring it back and let it dry well. Get some red pepper and mix it well, and if you want to disturb here, just sprinkle that here and the two parties, I guarantee won't be together long. [New Orleans, La.]

Now if there's anything done that's going to ruin you mind or just anything done to your home, or if somebody hoodoos you to keep you from a job. Which is why you use this method here. If there is a man you know that killed a religious man, a relative, you can take a penny and you put it in the middle of the grave. That's in case of an emergency if the person you know or not, is a religious person died. You give them the penny that day and take some dirt. For you take that dirt which is why it will cause an evil spirit to follow you, because you got something that belongs to them. Now they get in around you home which is why it causes confusion and will cause a separation. Now you'll have to be around and take the method with a good man, with a spiritual man, he met the spirit. You can head home when the spirits come, you know what time to meet him and you cure him if he's not too far gone.

[Informant says if you are HOODOOED, A SPIRITUAL MAN WOULD KNOW WHAT TO DO]. You must pay for graveyard dirt or the spirit will follow you home,evil or good, depending who is buried there. A SPIRITUAL MAN (USUALLY A PERSON WORKING LARGELY WITH SPIRITS) can sit home and wait for the coming of the good mans spirit, and use it for curing. If the sick or hoodooed person is not too far gone. [Savannah, Ga.]

Go to the graveyard and carry 3 pennies in your hand, reach down, if it is the grave of a sinner, if it is someone who didn't have a religion. You dig a little hole and leave the 3 pennies and take some dirt with you. (Then you use the dirt?) You can take the graveyard dust and sprinkle it around your home and this will break up you and your husband. It will cause confusion in your home but it has to be from a sinners grave [New Orleans, La.,]

You can also sprinkle it in the corners of one room where people penetrate, like the front room and theirs minds will be stirred up, and they will have to leave. (They couldn't stay there) [Brunswick, Ga.,]

[First rite] You go to the graveyard if you want them to run away, and dig but it has to be from the grave of a sinner that has been dead for 9 days. Get some dirt and bring it into your house, sprinkle some behind in the corners of the room and he/she can't come back.
[Second Rite]. I heard from mama, she told me: If a sinner dies and if you want someone in your house to leave, and you dig down elbow deep at the sinners left foot. And you get a handful of graveyard dirt. Leave money there and cover it up, bring it home and sprinkle in all around the house [circle]. And they will leave home. And what you have left you take and tie it up in a handkerchief and then throw it in running water and they will never stop walking.

If you go to the graveyard and get the dirt of a sinner mans or sinner woman's grave, a single sinner that has never been married. And bring it home and sprinkle it, around your house or or around your doorstep and they say that will take it off you. [Take what off?] If somebody is tricking you or somebody is trying to give you bad luck, that would remove it [This would take the spell off?] Yes sir. {Waycross, Ga.,}

If your scared of the law or an enemy coming upon you, that's going to try to venge you, they say to go to the graveyard. If any of your nearest relations have died, you dig a hole at the head of the grave and put any amount of money you want to pay them there, .50 cents to a dollar anything you wouldn't mind paying. Take a tablespoon full of dirt out of the hole. Put the money in the hole and cover it back up. And tell him/her to keep your enemies from you. After that you take the dirt and go to your enemies place, you'll have to know your enemy and sprinkle the dirt around their steps or in front of their home. You won't have to worry anymore.

If a man breaks up with his wife and the wife wants him back? She should go to the graveyard and get some dirt from the head of a sunken grave. She should take that dirt and bury it under the first doorstep. If she can get her man to come back and step over the first doorstep and over the graveyard dirt? She will get him back and he will stay with her.


dirt from woman's grave - scrape a little from top ,take home. light 2 black candles - set under be where she [woman who left home] has been sleeping - put graveyard dust and sprinkle a ring [of it]around candles - and a piece of her clothes and lay where she sleeps - turn mattress up and lay the clothes on springs on a paper. Take Bible and say prayers and read Bible - when candles go out, she'll come home. [Memphis, Tenn.]

-From: http://www.mojomoon.net/

Happy Namaste <3
-Archangel Tanahmera © Copyright Born Again Wiccan 2015. All Rights Reserved.





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